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What are my options?

Every Medicare Supplement Plan also known as a Medigap policy, must follow federal and state laws designed to protect you, and it must be clearly identified as “Medicare Supplement Insurance.”

All policies offer the same basic benefits but some offer additional benefits, so you can choose which one meets your needs. With the help of a licensed and highly trained insurance specialist together you will find the RIGHT plan you deserve!

How Does Medicare Supplement Insurance Work?

As you may know, some of your healthcare costs are covered by Medicare Parts A and B, but not all of it. This leaves a potentially large bill looming for most of us. That’s where Medicare Supplemental Insurance comes in, it complements your existing coverage and is designed to fill in the gaps where Medicare Parts A and B are lacking, helping you save more and avoid higher out of pocket costs.

Multiple Plan Options

A choice of plans to meet your needs and budget. All of the possible options will be explained to you in plain language. Remember, this is about you finding the right plan and options for you, PERIOD! Make sure you know all your meds and prescriptions so you can have them verified for eligibility.

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Keep Your Doctor

You’re able to keep your own doctor without network restrictions, as long as they accept Medicare patients. Speak with your assigned agent to make sure what your options are.

Your Medicare supplement insurance works in tandem with your Medicare, so if your doctor accepts Medicare, your supplement insurance is accepted as well.

Guaranteed For Life

You are guaranteed coverage for life as long as premiums are paid. Rates are subject to change. Any change will apply to all members of the same class insured under your plan who reside in your state.

Travel and Roam Free

Coverage goes with you when you travel. So go forth and see the world! You are not limited to you local doctors or medical professionals. Call us today to see how we can help!

Options for care & Feel Secure

You may visit any specialist who accepts Medicare patients without a referral. Complementary to your Medicare coverage, peace of mind that you are additionally covered.

Highly trained agents are waiting to connect with you!

Our network of licensed and trained professionals have the experience you seek to help you choose the best possible medicare supplemental plan. Take the time now and see what plans best fit your needs and budget.

Not sure what the best plan is or what you need coverage for?

Share with our professional health insurance agents any questions or concerns you may have. They will put you at ease and assist you in you decision. They truly are dedicated to your coverage goals.

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